The Park Rides Are Now Open For the 2014 Season.
Spring Volunteer Weekend
May 3rd and 4th

Volunteer Contact:
Kevin at:
The commitment to Conneaut Lake Park by hundreds of volunteers over the years has not only provided the critical labor necessary to prepare the Park for opening each year, but more importantly serves to demonstrate the influence this wonderful place has had on so many people for so long. It is our deepest wish that your personal commitment of time, money and labor will be rewarded by a renewed effort to keep the CLP experience alive for many generations to come.

Volunteerism and the sense of community have kept the grounds of Conneaut Lake Park well groomed for years whether the Park was open or not. The volunteers have never given up on CLP no matter how dire the circumstances surrounding any particular year. CLP volunteers are a community among themselves, building relationships while taking a sense of pride that maybe somehow each one can make a difference. It is a case of the sum being greater than the "hole" in that the efforts, gifts, and talents of the volunteers fill whatever void there is to get the job done.

We look forward to seeing you again this year for Spring Cleanup to begin the preparations for the 2014 season. Lunches will be provided and we will soon be sending a list of accommodations in the area.

Trustees of Connneaut Lake Park
Your help is always needed, and always appreciated!
to all of the volunteers! We are so lucky to have such amazing support for our Park...thank you for all that you do.
Volunteer Contact: Kevin at:

A Note from the Trustees:
Because of Conneaut Lake Park's status as a charitable Public Trust, and being operated by the Trustees of Conneaut Lake Park, Inc., the Park relies heavily on volunteer help from those it benefits. 

The Park can always use a hand here and there.

Thousands of hours have been donated by volunteers in everything from spring cleaning before opening day, fall cleaning after closing day, to special event preparation. Help preserve a great tradition - the legacy that is Conneaut Lake Park.

Our Mission: To provide our guests with a traditional, affordable, family amusement resort destination, guided by the principles of Safety, Service, Cleanliness, Hospitality, and Integrity.

Being a Conneaut Lake Park volunteer means adhering to our company mission and its guidelines to ensure we offer the best product possible.

Senior Projects and Eagle Scout Projects: Conneaut Lake Park can be the perfect place to fulfill the requirements of a community service project. Help Conneaut Lake Park and contribute in a way that will be enjoyed by Park guests. Email for more information.

Check here frequently for volunteer opportunity listings and updates. We will post more as this information becomes available.

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