Blue Streak Built

Among the new attractions in 1938 was the magnificent Blue Streak roller coaster. Utilizing the area and, in part, the structure of the Scenic Railway, the new high speed thriller was opened for the 1938 season. It remains today as one of the great classic rides. The following season of 1939 brought claims of the heaviest event schedule in ten years.

With a ride roster of 15 and the refurbishing of almost every aspect of the resort it would seem that Conneaut Lake Park had emerged from near demise as the world sought global demise.

Although Conneaut Lake Park may not challenge the parks that harbor grand arsenals of roller coasters, the Blue Streak needs not take a back seat (although true roller coaster lovers should on this grand ride) to any example of the gravity ride art.

Created under the pen of Erwin Vettel of Pittsburgh, unpretentious in its simple out and backer plan, the setting amidst the trees delivers, especially during night riding, all the best sensations of the species. Not enormous by any standards, except thrills, the one-two-three punch on the outbound route is exhilarating (again, especially in the last seat), and with only the briefest of breathing time in a graceful turn around, the "camel hump" return has several "up-lifting" experiences.

The Blue Streak is indeed a fitting crown to the modest but well balanced ride roster of Conneaut Lake Park. This ride, in keeping with the historical feel of the resort, delivers a timeless enjoyment that technology beyond the 1920's can not improve. From the light bulb marked ride route depicted above the tunnel entrance at the lading platform, to the whirlwind finish, this is a jewel of a roller coaster.

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