Message to supporters, friends, and volunteers of Conneaut Lake Park

We are grateful for all of our patrons and friends who contributed to the success of the 2010 season at Conneaut Lake Park.  We appreciate your patience as we rebuild the Park into a once again viable entity. This process is slow and arduous, but progress is being made every step of the way.

Accomplishments were made in some further work at Camperland, and more emphasis was put into the docks this year to make them safer.

The Ride area received some new paint in the Splash City area as well as a lot of the details were freshened up on the rides themselves.

Another big thank you goes out to all of you that voted on the Pepsi Refresh site. It took us two tries, but we made the challenge to receive $50,000 for the Blue Streak.

The American Coaster Enthusiasts were also very supportive of this effort. Specifically they granted $10,000 toward the restoration of this important part of our Park, as well as designated the Blue Streak as a ACE National Historic Coaster.

The Yolanda G. Barco Institute, via George Nowack, held an exhibition titled “Time Passages” which featured photos and memorabilia of Conneaut Lake Park. This too helped raise awareness that Conneaut Lake Park has been, is still, and will be, a special place and an important part of the American heritage that simply cannot be let go to ruin.

Many business and supporters also chimed in in various ways to show their support of Conneaut Lake Park, indicating that they too feel the need to keep up the momentum.

We feature some new festivals this year and certainly relish the “standard” festivals and events that are associated with Conneaut Lake Park. Our dance card is filling up quickly for the 2011 season with even more events and activities at the Park. Additionally, we are making the plans to bring more improvement to vital area of the Park in the next few years.

Again, than you all for the patronage, volunteerism, and support in any way you give it to Conneaut Lake Park. We look forward to seeing you at the volunteer weekend, or the winter events still ongoing at Conneaut Lake Park.

Jack Moyers

Park News and Recent Updates
The Park is now open for the season!


CLP Competing for National Trust for Historic Preservation Grant

Out of 245 submissions,
Conneaut Lake Park has been
chosen as 1 of 100 projects to compete in June for a "This Place Matters" (isn't that name perfect for us?) grant.  The top three projects will receive $25,000, $10,000, and $5,000 respectively. It's time to show the country that CLP most definitely matters. The Park, including our Blue Streak and carousel organ, are of historical significance and continued maintenance and preservation are important and costly.
The voting page will become live June 1 and will last the whole month of June. Each person will be allowed to cast their vote for ONE project ONE time throughout the challenge. 
Watch our Facebook and Twitter feeds for voting details as they become available.
Our Carousel Organ returns home!
Thanks to a special arrangement with Debence Antique Music World and donations from our supporters, you will once again enjoy the authentic band organ at our carousel for the 2011 season. Please help us maintain and preserve our organ by voting for Conneaut Lake Park in the National Historic Preservation Grant challenge in June.
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