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Although Conneaut Lake Park has offered kiddy rides since the 1930s, it was not until the 1950s that a kiddy area was developed behind the Bumper Car building. The rides in this first Kiddieland included the Little Dipper coaster, a miniature Circle Swing, Kiddy Carousel, Kiddy Cars, Kiddy Boats, Pony Cart, and Hand Cars.

In the 1960s a brand new Kiddieland was constructed on the former site of the park railroad depot. In this project the original kiddie rides (except for the Hand Cars) were moved to the new location where they still operate today.

In 2002 the old Kiddieland entryway was reconstructed and adorned with the original bobble head from the original. Our Kiddieland offers one of the greatest collections of classic kiddy rides around and, even better, a chance for children to ride the same rides that thrilled their parents and grandparents!


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