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Name: mary jane riffee
Town: , ohio
Time Period: 1958-2006
Memory: I have been comming here since i was 14 years old then with my parents. My husband and I spent are honeymoon here in 1963 and then we started bringing our children here every summer. Now we bring our grandchildren every year and they love it here. Thanks for the memories, Mary Jane

Name: Sheryl Fowler
Town:Warren ,Ohio
Time Period: 1950's to present
Memory: I was born in Meadville and lived there till I was 5, them we moved down near Transfer where I was raised. My dad and mom both were from Meadville. I can remember every year on my dads vacation we would take one day and spend it there at the park.There were so many good memories that I have.When I was very young, my dad used to work there at the park in the summers--he ran the big silver airplanes. They're not there anymore, but I can still remember the stories he told. As a teenager, I used to go to the dances up in the ballroom. As I got older and became a mom, I used to take my daughters up to the amusement park and spend time with them. Now I have the pleasure of taking my 4 grandchildren there. They just love it because its more relaxed and laid back than most of the other amusement parks.We pack a picnic and stay all day. And for me I also feel relaxed and very much at home. The best thing for me is the fact that there still are so many good memories being made there from generation to generation.

Name: Shontell
Town: New Bethlehem, Pa
Time Period: early childhood
Memory: I can remember going to Conneaut Lake when my cousins and I were so small. My favorite ride was the "little Dipper". My family from Ohio would meet my family from Pa and we would spend the day there. I loved the "dragon/pirate ship" too. We ate and rode ride after ride. I am 29 now and I take my children there. My uncle passed away 5 years ago. Its hard going back bec. of his memory. But.. I want my children to have the fun I used to have there. And the great memories I have about the park that will last a lifetime. Thank you for opening the park again. Please try and preserve the train. Its a great tradition too. Thank you again.

Name: Dan Redfern
Town: Mentor, Ohio
Time Period: June 17&18 2006
Memory: Wow,I felt like I had been away on vacation for a week ! What a wonderfull way to spend a weekend! allmost every classic ride was open and running,and beeing "old enuph to remember" Eucld Beach "humphry park" only made the park that much sweeter! We spent the night at the Hotel Conneaut and besides the history the building holds,the hospitality was really nice from the staff of the Hotel to the most enjoyable meals served to Us at Elizabeth's Resturant located in the Hotel.I was plesantly suprized to hear they have a Blue Point Chef. my background in the resturant buisiness as a chef makes me a hard guest from time to time, but this experiance was "dare I say" perfect ! from soups, straight threw to desert ,perfect!! I was so impressed. I could write a book about how enjoyable Our weekend was,but best you experiance it all for yourself, with my strong recomendation, step back in time and enjoy! Dan Redfern Mentor Ohio

Name: ranee march
Town: painesville, Ohio
Time Period: 1980 till present
Memory: My grandparents started taking my siblings and I in the early 80s.We enjoyed ourselves every time and now I take my own three boys.Its very family oriented and not over crowded,its a great time for the whole family.

Name: Greg Nageotte
Town: Grove City, Ohio
Time Period: 70s-80s
Memory: Our family has always loved the Park! I spent summers at the lake with my Mom and we would lie sleepless knowing that we would get to go to the park the next day. Whether getting a "ride-a-rama" wrist-band for the day, or just cruising the park to get some fries on the boardwalk, it was a joy.

The value of the park is in it's nostalgic charm and real historical relevance. I've thought for some time that the State of PA should have a hand in returning the park to it's golden era condition and making it a heritage tourism destination. I'm sure there are some grant funds to do much of the restoration. Check it out!!!

Name: kelly F.
Town: hartstown, pa
Time Period: every week

Name: Shawn
Town: JohnstownPA
Time Period: 1968-1992
Memory: I remember every year my Mother and Father and Sisters, Grandparents and great Grandparents along with Aunts & Uncles and cousins would go to the park, and each time I would go, I still have those fond memories of that time. The last time I was there was in 1992, alot has changed since then and I understand alot has changed in 2006. I am planning to take my kids there this year (2006) for their first time. I am a little dissapointed the loss of "Fariyland Forest", I only wished my kids could see what I once enjoyed when I kid. I hope this year we could start a tradtion with my family and create new memories of my kids. I know I will have fun at the park,because my kids will !

Name: C D McLaughlin
Town: Youngstown, Ohio
Time Period: mid 70's
Memory: My brother Rich and his friends diving off the top of the Barbara J as is passed our dock near Midway dock. The Redwing ferry boat was great. I wish something like that could return, with 3 or 4 stops around the lake. Z

Name: Kelsey
Town: Hermitage, PA
Time Period:Early Past
Memory: Conneaut is fun and cheap most of the time... I love taking my friends and having a blast on the dogems. We go every year and every year we have a BLAST!!!!

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