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Name: Taylor Palmer
Town: Center Twp., PA
Time Period: 1991-?
Memory: I remeber ridin the blue streak when i was about seven and now i ride it all the time. I now bring up my friends. My pap owns a trailor up there and we go there just to go to the park. When i heard that it was shutting down i cried for like 2 days. I love conneaut lake park and i dont know where i would go to ride the old blue streak!
Now i bring up my friends and neighbors becuzse i love conneaut lake park and make them ride the blue streak and now they beg my to come up!! i love conneaut lake park!!

Name: Jennifer Cirlingione
Town: Pittsburgh, PA
Time Period: 1980's to present
Memory: Some of my most precious childhood memories are my time spent atConneaut lake park. My mother was born and raised in Conneaut Lake, soevery summer we traveled from Pittsburgh to Conneaut. My brother and I looked so forward to visiting relatives and of course the PARK. It was always a treat! And it continues to be. I took my daughter to the park for the first time last season. She LOVED it!! It brought back so many memories of my childhood. In some ways it was as if time stood still. I will forever treasure my times at CLP. Thank you.

Name: Anna Dutting
Town: Hubbard, OH
Time Period: 16 years
Memory: When my cousin and I where 15 and 16 years old and younger we were taken every year to Conneaut. We loved the rides, food, the fun, and entertainment. About a year ago I started taking my children to the Park and they said they loved it. I guess the best things in life are affordable like your park is. Thanks!!!!!

Name: Alaina
Town: Butler, PA
Time Period: year after year
Memory: I've been coming to the park since i was a little girl, and i continue to come to the park with my family and friends every year. I love this park, especially for the nostalgia and especially the Blue Streak and the carousel! I'm so excited that the train and tumble bug will be back this year, they just don't make rides like that anymore. Rides that just can't compare to the metal monsters at bigger amusement parks! thank you so much for keeping this park open and alive. See you in July!

Name: Alison
Town: Youngstown, OH
Time Period: 2004 to present
Memory: my aunt, uncle, cousin and i have gone up there so many times in the past years that its hard to count. The park and our wonderful friends in it have brought my cousin and i closer, we are now best of friends. i always count days till the next trip and i love every memory i carry with me that the park has given me.when it almost closed this year i bawled for what seemed like forever until i got the news that someone yet again had saved it. so many people love this park and have memories to share. I will always remember how it became a huge part of my life and found its way into my heart.

Name: john hoogwereff
Town: hamburg, new york
Time Period: 1955-2001
Memory: I live in Hamburg, N.Y. and me and my family were boarn in Cleveland, Ohio. Our family would go on trips to Ohio a couple times a year and we allways went by the sign on the threway that avertised CLP. I allways asked my dad to go there and he would allways put it off, but I allways wanted to see the park. After I got married I never thought about the park until I joyned a coaster club to go to coastermania at Cedar Point. In 2001 I asked my wife if she would like to go to CLP and she said that she would and we have been going to CLP once a year ever since. All those years of going by and I finally got to go to CLP and it was a special day when I finally got to go.

Name: Norma (McMurdy) Vorderbrueggen
Town: New Brighton, PA
Time Period: The early 60's
Memory: Our family has always loved CLP and visited most every year. Stay on Midway Beach. In the 60's I taught my "baby" brother to work on the boardwalk, Still have that photo ! Many Many wonderful memories and love forward to more with the Grandchildren !!!!

Name: Debbie
Town: Ellwood City, PA
Time Period: 1970 to Present
Memory: I remember as a kid going with my family to the Mill picnics.I think everyone from Ellwood City was there. Our parents let us ride all day till it was time for dinner. What great times we had. Our kids have grown up there. And now we look foward to taking our grandkids. We enjoy the Friday night car shows & Johnny Angel & the Halos. A very relaxing park

Name: Trish
Town: Niles, OH
Time Period: 1960s-1970s
Memory: I just remember coming up to the park for Packard Picnics. We'd bring a picnic and sit in one of the pavilions, then go ride the rides. We'd usually bring a friend, although there were some years when we brought other family members, too. I took my first ride on rollercoasters at CLP: first the Little Dipper, and then when I was eight years old, I was "promoted" to the Blue Streak! Lots of fun and pleasant memories there! Of course, I remember going to Fairyland Forest, too. Lots of fun going through all of the storybook displays, and watching the shows, too. I remember the bears, also the playground area. It was the only place I went where they had rocking horses on giant springs.

Name: thomas calkins
Town: port st lucie, florida
Time Period: summer 1969
Memory: from jamestown,new york i got a summer job in linesville.rented a cabin and had nothing to do until i found clp. i was there every single night for two months.had a blast. we'll never forget that fun.

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