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Name: Mike
Town: Ellwood, PA
Time Period: 1980's
Memory: I remember the first time I went to Conneaut Lake Park, thinking what an interesting place it was. I also remember thinking how strange it was that we drove right into the park and parked our car next to the Wild Mouse to begin our day. I was too scared to open my eyes in the Devil's Den and other rides such as the Blue Streak, Paratrooper, Hell Hole, and Ultimate Trip just looked terrifying from the midway! Needless to say I loved Kiddieland and those wonderful miniature rides that I seemed to fit in just perfectly!

Name: Tracy
Town: Boston, PA
Time Period: 1980's

Name: Ashley
Town: New Castle, PA
Time Period: 1990
Memory: I have had many fun times at Conneaut Lake Park. My grandfather recently died of cancer. When he was alive, he used to always take me to Conneaut Lake Park kiddie Land. He would take me straight to the ponies. I would ride the ponies all day w/o fail. Conneaut Lake Park was and is a way for me to have happy memories of my Grandpa.

Name: Bastian LaPointe
Town: Pittsburgh, PA
Time Period: 2002
Memory: See it was way back when, when I realize that Conneaut was really the place to make memories. When the fireworks started shooting off on Memorial Day, I just knew it was gonna be unforgetable so I grabbed my girlfriend and kissed her, and told her I will never forget this in any lifetime. Conneaut Lake Park is the best place ever in the world.

Name: Matt Darby
Town: Columbus, OH
Time Period: 1980s
Memory: My entire family used to come to the park every summer for years. I used to love riding the scrambler when it was inside the dark building. The viking ship ride near the beach was incredible too!
We always had a blast!

Name: Janice
Town: Cincinnati, OH
Time Period: 1980s
Memory: I grew up in Greenville and loved going to Conneaut Lake Park! Most memorable is standing in line for the Ultimate Trip, spinning in the dark while lights flashed and rock music blared, then running back to the end of the line to ride again. I also remember the day I finally got the courage to ride Hell Hole!!! And who could forget the wall of gum? Many happy memories there with my best friend. I'm hoping to visit this summer after more than 20 years. Thanks!

Name: Eric
Town: Girard, PA
Time Period: 1970's
Memory: I remember those classic school picnics in late spring. The fun rides and the memory of winning a 6 foot giraffe for my girlfriend. She was impressed and I was exhausted carrying the thing around all day! I had to stick his head out the bus window all the way back to Girard. Great park!

Name: Denise Schmidt
Town: Munhall, PA
Time Period: 1989 - 1995
Memory: It's been years since I've been there. However, for as long as
I can remember Conneaut has always been my favorite place to be. When I was little, around the age of ten or eleven, my family and I would make trips up to Conneaut each and every summer. Spending three fun months just next to the park, it was there I even met my first best friend, Jen. I think, though, that my fondest memory there. Was simply doing my daily morning chore of the ten minute walk to a local magazine vender just to pick up a newspaper. Of course the park was usually closed that early. But just being able to walk by it, capturing it's beauty just through the deep quietness was enough to leave a lasting mark on me that shall no doubt stay forever. I only hope to be able to take that five hour drive back up to this amazing place sometime soon ... and relive it's beauty if for only one more time.

Name: Marlene
Town: Georgetown, South Carolina
Time Period: late 60's
Memory: We had a dear family that owned a cottage a few blocks from the park. We spent many weekends with our friends. It was such a thrill to be able to go on our own to the park and have a ball. My sisters and I loved to go the dances. I even had an opportunity to work at the Conneaut Lake Park Cafeteria for 2 years. What an experiance!! I lived in the Big Yellow house a block away from the park. I meet so many great girls that were just like myself,trying to earn some money over the summer. Many of us kept in touch for many years after the park days. I wonder whatever happened to the bell hops we hung out with. This summer we will be celebrating my father's 90th birthday. Where does he want to go to celebrate this special day? Of course, Conneaut Lake Park. After 40 years I will coming back to a place with so many memories. I can't wait.

Name: Linda Wheeler
Town: Pittsburgh, PA
Time Period: 1938-2006
Memory: My Mom and Dad went to Conneaut Lake Park on their first date in 1938 and were married exactly 5 years later on the same day (June 24, 1943). They naturally returned to Conneaut for their honeymoon, staying in one of the little cottages that were near the picnic grove under the Blue Streak. Every year on their anniversary for the next 30 years they went back to the park with my sister and myself to celebrate and ride the Launch and eat the park french fries. I took my children there for many years as well, and at the age of 60, I am returning this Memorial Day weekend with my husband for the DooWop Weekend>

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