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Name: Sarah Ward
Town: Pittsburgh
Time Period: Last Summer
Memory: My friends always tell me that summer is the best time to make memories. I remember going up with my best friend Stephanie and kissing him<3 under the stars it was a night I'll never forget. I left my heart up in Conneaut that's what I remember.

Name: Doreen
Town: Pittsburgh
Time Period: 80's
Memory: My family went to Conneaut every year for as long as I can remember. We always stayed down the road at Sunsetview Motel which was a short walk to the park. Me and my sisters loved running around the park without a care in the world. We didn't have to have Mom and Dad around. The best was running off the blue streak and getting right back in line, over and over again. The Ultimate Trip was the best, I still remember the older man's face who ran the ride and played that loud music. My Mom (who has past) loved the "Bug". I can't wait to start the memories with my daughter!!!

Name: Evan
Town: OH
Time Period: 2001-Present
Memory: I first came to Conneaut Lake Park in 2001 to see if there really was a park that appeared frozen in time. Well there was! Conneaut Lake Park is a special paradise that touches the hearts of everyone.

Name: Bob Northcott
Town: Pittsburgh, PA
Time Period: 1985 to present
Memory: I can remember getting my first job as a security officer at the park. I had always dreamed of being a cop when I was little and now was my chance. I worked hard to prove that I could do the job, sometimes to hard. Anyway, that was then, this is now. I grew up and now work for the Department of Homeland Security as a security officer in Pittsburgh, Pa. While doing this though, I went back to my roots and became the Chief of security in 1999. I tried to create something the area could be proud of, and I did. I am very proud of the officers that workd for me, and the park for giving me the chance to prove what I tried to do back then. Thanks for the memories and for the future to see. Stop and see me at the BEACH CLUB this summer, where I once again return to the park and my roots as the head of security for them. Also, stop in the Hotel Conneaut and see room 188 to see the dedication to Law Enforcement and to the HEROS of 911.

Name: Fans from Pittsburgh
Town: Pittsburgh, PA
Time Period: 1990's-Present
Memory: We began going back to Conneaut when my daughter was 2 (in 1994 before the park shut down for a year) When it reopened we began camping at Camperland with my parents. They wanted to take the grandkids camping-Conneaut Lake Park and Camperland were the perfect spot! Since then, my parents are no longer able to camp but we have continued the tradition. Every year we reserve at least 10 sites at the campground and invite everyone we know. WHAT A BLAST!!! It is the perfect place for the kids because they love being able to go to the park without their parents and we don't have to worry about them. Every year when we ask what they would like to do for vacation their immediate response is "Conneaut!" They would rather spend their time at the park than anywhere else. My husband and I hope to someday buy a cottage near the lake. We hope the park stays around so that one day we can take our grandkids there too! What a special place to pass on from generation to generation.

Name: Heather
Town: Butler, PA
Time Period: 1980's
Memory: I have been to the park ever since I was born! My mom & I have been camping at Camperland for the past few years now at Doo Wop weekend & have enjoyed it immensely. My cleaest memories were in the 80's when I was a teenager & it was so much fun! I remember the Ultimate Trip,Hell Hole,Dracula's Cave,The Pirate Ship & all the great rides that are gone!

Name: The King family
Town: Troy, Missouri
Time Period: Groovy 70's
Memory: We were at the park one summer when a tornado came through Conneaut Lake. I remember hiding out in the arcade and the rain was flooding the place. The lights went out and when it was over we all went back to riding the rides, even though we were soaking wet. My favorite ride was the Devil's Den and of course The Whip. Keep the park alive so that my sons generation

Name: Michael
Town: Indianapolis, IN
Time Period: 70's-80's
Memory: When I was a kid growing up, the whole family (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) would travel to Conneaut Lake every year since we could visit family back in Pennsylvania. I will always remember Conneaut Lake as a place of fun and family. The Blue Streak was the first roller coaster that I ever rode, and I look forward to riding it again someday. Thank you for all the memories.

Name: Bob Northcott
Town: Wickliffe, Ohio
Time Period: Mid 70's
Memory: I can remember my first job, as a teen was as a bander for all day tickets in the mid 70 s. The park was the best place to work as a teen. Many of the ride operators were collage kids from the surrounding area who treated you as one of them! Talk about a dream come true, work all day in the park and have fun with the workers after hours! I couldn t wait for summer to get here so I could work at the park. I can remember getting to work early to enjoy the fresh hot doughnuts whom s aroma filled the air, to enjoying a hot dog on the midway at the end of shift. The talent show that the workers put on the one summer in the ballroom is still one of my highly prized memories! (Doug s band won that!) What would be a prom if it weren t held at the Hotel; it was a place out of time that made dreams come true that night. So from the time I was little enjoying Kidding Land and riding the train until now when I can bring my own grandchildren the Park has been in my life and I hope that it will stand the test of time so others can have as many fond memories of Conneaut Lake Park as I do!

Name: Sharon
Town: New Kensington, PA
Time Period: 1960's - present
Memory: I remember Conneaut as a yearly family vacation. Our extended family would rent cottages throughout the park and have great family fun. My favorite was the Haunted House....especially the Slide inside! I also love the moving floors and looking out at the miniature golf course. As I grew up, it became a great place for my friends and I to go camping. And now we take our children their every year for the nostalgia. Hopefully the park will get through these hard times and the memories will continue with the next generation!

PS...a few years ago as my children were sifting thru the sand on in the beach waters, they found a Diamond Ring! it was appraised at approx. $1,000! what a memory my children have already!

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