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Name: The Kenny's
Town: Pittsburgh
Time Period: since everyone was just little
Memory: We LOVE Conneaut!!!!!!!!!! <3 ..Some of the best times ever with family & friends!!! :)

Name: Brittany Eiler
Town: Rogers, OH
Time Period: almost every year
Memory: Since I can remember every year my dad would take me and my three older brothers up to the park. I was so scared of the Blue Streak, 'n' seeing how I'm the youngest I wanted to be kool and hang out with my brothers, so showing them that I was just like them I went on the Blue Streak, and as soon as it went into the tunnel thing in the begining I cried till it stopped and even after. But now I love it. I remember the little zoo that it had, I only remember it being there once though. Even now I make sure that I go on the carousel, its my tradition. I remember always getting yelled at with my brothers while riding the Doggem cars, because we would hit each other like bumper cars. haha Good times. Last summer I heard that it might be shutting down and I literely cried. This summer I plan on working there. My aunt has a house outside the park right were the horse's are on the corner.

Name: Margie
Town: New Castle, PA
Time Period: 1950's-?
Memory: Our family (Mother,Dad, 2 daughters) 2 aunts, 2 uncles, and 5 cousins rented one cottage on Henry St.every year starting when my sister was 3 and my cousin was 2. All 13 of us shared the same cabin each year and now we share many wonderful memories of those fun times. We recall the pony track, the smell of homemade doughnuts, the teen dances in the ballroom,swimming in the lake, fresh smell of popcorn,mimiature golf.

Name: Alan Sikes
Town: Springfield, Virginia
Time Period: 1950's to Present
Memory: (I was born,raised in Meadville and went to the Park often. I have many fond memories of the summer highschool dances at the Dreamland Ballroom where kids from ourarea,Pittsburg,Ohio,etc., could meet and have fun. I had to be on my best behavior because my dad was one of the cops watching the crowd! While attending college at the "Boro" I worked 2 summers on the Park's Maintenance crew. After many years I returned to the Park last summer and learned of it's needs. A strong tugging of my soul said "DO SOMETHING"! I will continue my "DOING" this summer-WILL YOU! We must keep this unique treasure for others to experience and build memories. See you at the hotel with all our "spirit" friends.

Name: Pam
Town: Hiram, Ohio
Time Period: 1960's
Memory: My father had his company picnics at Conneaut Lake Park. I remember, vividly, the deer that were underneath the Blue Streak turnaround, near the picnic area. They would always come close to the fence line. I love the train ride and the pony ride. My first roller coaster ride was the Blue Streak at age 8. I rode with my father. I also remember Fairyland Forest across the street from the park. There was this bear that would use a pulley system to fetch a bucket that was filled with food. I wish I could 1960's pictures of these two parks.


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