Put to bed for '06.


It seems like yesterday we were getting ready to open for the season and here we were, getting the place ready for winter. This past weekend, approximately 60 volunteers gathered to work. In exchange, volunteers received free room and board.

Volunteers came from near and far to clean concession stands, paint, rake, organize, and put away. After some aching backs, runny noses, and a few splinters, everyone realizes that what they did do is enjoy the fellowship of those who also love the Lady.

Here's a few shots from the weekend...

What looked to be a terrible weather weekend actually turned out to be beautiful on Sunday. The leaves and grounds were too wet and soggy to rake and clean on Saturday, but on Sunday they started to dry because of the warmer temperatures and sunny weather .

All the volunteers did an amazing job this weekend and CLP cannot thank you enough for all the hard work!

Special thanks must be given to Kelly Petrachkoff, one of the event organizers, who also loaned these photos for the Blog this week! Thanks kelly!

Check back on our Volunteering page to see when the next cleanup weekend will be scheduled in the Spring. In the mean time, visit us for some of our remaining 2006 events.

See you at the lake!

10/17/2006 Congratulations Fred!

Check back next week for another entry! 

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