Congratulations Fred!


At this time we must extend our congratulations to Fed Kramer of Ohio who completed 2088 circuits on the Blue Streak this summmer! Visiting Conneaut Lake Park on weekends and holidays with a season pass this summer, Fred managed to squeeze in many rides.

Fred held simular records on the former Rotor ride at Geauga Lake Park in Aurora, Ohio where he was a fixture for many years. Because favorite ride was removed he decided to join us here at CLP in northwestern Pennsylvania.

While Fred is proud of his accomplisment this summer, he says he's sad winter is almost here and the Blue Streak is now closed for the season. He also said that it'll be a long winter.

Fred on the exit ramp to the Blue Streak loading platform.

Hopefully the winter won't be too long!

The winter months are right the corner and we're in the process of winterizing. So, if you'd like to be a part of it, volunteer for Cleanup Weekend and let's put this lady to sleep for the winter.

See you at the lake!

10/11/2006 These guys need a new home...AGAIN!
11/03/2006 Put to bed for '06.

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