These guys need a new home...AGAIN!


It seems like these guys have been evicted and are in need of a home. You'd think they would be well settled in for good after 27 years at their former location, but on Tuesday, October 3rd, they were notified that it was time to move again.

Originally, West View Park near Pittsburgh was considered home until they moved to Erieview Park in Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio. Built in 1963 at West View Park and originally called the "Haunted House", it scared its riders until 1977 when the park Closed forever. In 1979, Erieview Park purchased the ride, disassembled it, and moved it to Geneva-on-the-Lake where it operated until 2006. Sadly, Erieview Park closed and its contents were auctioned. The old Haunted House, then known as the Fright Zone, was no exception.

At Erieview Park

Right now, the spooks are seeking refuge in the home of a Conneaut Lake resident, Greg Sutterlin, who, along with Pittsburgh resident Todd Goodwin purchased them with the intent of eventually housing them at Conneaut Lake Park. Conneaut Lake Park has a place for them but it needs converted into an inhabitable living quarters.

In temporary residence.

The costs associated with this final move and building conversion will need some funding and that will be announced very soon.

Stay tuned!.

See you at the lake!

9/28/2006 Letter from the Chippewa Lake Bug.
10/17/2006 Congratulations Fred!

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