Still busy as ever!


Things are coming together all over Conneaut Lake Park. The rides are still being put together of course and Hotel Conneaut and Elizabeth's Dining Room are now open to the public on weekends. (They'll open full time when the park begins normal operating hours during the last weekend of May.

The paint crew was working on the Little Dipper today so it will look nice and fresh for opening day. Don't worry though, the brown isn't the new color! That's a primer that will be used to kill any rust present so it doesn't bleed through the new paint. Under 50 years of paint layers the original paint colors were discovered and will be used as a basis for the new color skeme.

The Kiddie Jeeps was also being worked on today. Like most all of the other rides they have to be taken apart and refurbished during the winter. Some of the platform needed repaired and the bearings needed replaced over the winter.

Maintenance pulled a fast one on me and finished reassembed the Ferris Wheel before I could blink. All the cars were put back on.

Bessemer Railway System Update:

Looks like over $20,000 has been raised to date! Not too shabby, given the time constraints. We still need to sell a lot more though so PLEASE tell all your friends and family to buy bricks!

Thank you for your help!

See you at the lake!

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