Can we ride yet?


Up at the front ride area today, the Tilt-A-Whirl cars appeared to be as eager as the rest of the public for our opening. I could feel the anticipation and almost hear the cars asking "Can we ride yet?"

What a good symbol of the public - our faithful fans, supporters, and Guests - following Conneaut Lake Park as we prepare for our opening.

The rides are slowly being reassembled, the buildings and ground are still in the process of being cleaned, the site of the old Flynn House is almost cleared and smoothed, and the rest of the piles and piles of fall leaves are being disposed of. The place is really starting to look great!

Here are the Paratrooper cars and canopies, also eager to ride again.

And the Flying Scooters are just gonna have to wait like everyone else. They may be ready, but they still have to wait! Maintenance finished putting the ride back together yesterday.

And now I'd like to informally introduce you to the Ms. Kaylee Belle the Lake's new sternwheeler paddle boat.

Since 2002 Conneaut Lake and Conneaut Lake Park has been without a sightseeing boat of some form. When what had been a hallmark of Conneaut Lake for well over a century seemed to have vanished, the Kaylee Belle stepped up to fill the void this season.

The Kaylee Belle waits at her dock space in front of Hotel Conneaut. Details will be posted on the website about the Kaylee Belle's christening ceremony soon.

And of course I can't forget.. Don't forget to buy Season Passes and Bricks!!!

See you at the lake!

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