This Lady sure does take a long time to wake up!


Today was yet another busy one for the Lady with lots of things happening all over the Park. Kiddieland rides were being brought out of storage, the Witch's Stew (what was being referred to as the Tempest in previous posts) was receiving its finishing paint touches, Picnics were being sold, and space was being cleared for the moving of the Super Round Up.

"Where is the Super Round Up moving to? and why?" you may ask. Well, it was decided that at its current location on the Festival Lawn, it uses up good space that could be used for festivals, car cruises, and the like.

Goodbye Yo-Yo! At it's new location on the former site of the old Yo-Yo ride, the Super Round Up will probably feel more at home anyway - among the other rides. Today at the old Yo-Yo site, maintenance spent the better part of the day dismantling the ride and loading it onto a truck to be hauled away. Due to the age and condition of the Yo-Yo, it was decided that removal was the best decision.

So, here's your weekly photo gallery...

Here's the 'Crown' being lifted from the Yo-Yo tower.

Off the queen's brow and onto the truck!

Oh and did I mention we received more Dodgem cars today??? I guess I forgot that part! Today we received 9 more cars to add to our existing 11 so our number is up to 20 now. Not too bad! I think the new cars were a little shy in their new home and without their conductor poles. They appeared to be keeping to themselves in one corner of the playground.

And here was my daily visit to the paint shop. I don't know why but the paint shop is usally the most fun place for me to visit.

Recognize any of these guys or gals???.

Hope everyone enjoyed this weeks update! Keep the Blog ideas coming and you just may see your idea materialize!

Oh and I don't mean to sound like your mother, BUT, don't forget to buy Season Passes and Bricks!!!

See you at the lake!

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