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Work continues at Conneaut Lake Park where the annual spring opening is drawing near. The volunteers did an amazing job this past weekend! Leaves were raked away, trees were trimmed, flowerbeds were cleaned, and tender loving care was given to the Lady. The weather cooperated and much work was done.

Also during the weekend, the old Flynn House was demolished in a controlled burn by nine local fire departments who used the opportunity to train new firefighters. What was originally the residence of the Flynn Family, a family that once owned the Park, was heavily damaged in a fire in October of 2005. Because of its condition, the only logical step was demolition.

Here's the house as it was being burned.

Here's what's left of the old Flynn House. Soon, the debris will be removed and the property leveled and cleaned.

During the week the paint shop completed painting the Tempest cars and the ride platform. On Thursday the cars were brought out of the shop and are just about ready to be installed on the ride.

Sure looks better with a fresh coat of paint! There's still lots of work to do all around Conneaut Lake Park so there's lots of updates to post here in the future.

Before I sign off I want to remind you to buy your season passes before the sale expires!

See you at the lake!

3/29/2006 Spring Cleanup Weekend 1 this week.
4/11/2006 This Lady sure does take a long time to wake up!

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