Spring Cleanup Weekend 1 this week


This weekend will be a busy time at Conneaut Lake Park as volunteers gather to help get the Lady cleaned up and ready for the traditional Spring opening.

Our volunteer force is unprecedented for an amusement park and we realize how important that really is.  Usually during volunteer cleanup weekends we give volunteers food and a place to stay.  Unfortunately this season, we couldn't offer accommodations because we recently learned the Hotel Conneaut needs some maintenance work before we're allowed to let people inside.  For that reason we apologize to those who are so helpful to us and cannot be offered a room.  The grand old Hotel needs a little work before we can offer hospitality in that respect.

One of Conneaut Lake Park's greatest assets, of course, are her grand shade trees that line the midways and grounds. While we love the shade they provide we see the amount of waste they leave around during the off season. Boy do they dump a lot of leaves! This weekend, volunteers will be helping clean up their messes among other work that needs completed.

If you would like to volunteer but can't make it this weekend, there will be another cleanup weekend on the first weekend of May. Be sure to check our new Volunteer Page for updates on volunteering at Conneaut Lake Park.

Well, that's all for now. There's lots to do this weekend and we hope to see you here helping to make this Lady sparkle!

See you at the lake!

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4/07/2006 Work Continues...

Check back next week for another entry! 

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