Conneaut Lake Park History:
How much do you know?


Do you know how historic Conneaut Lake Park really is? It would probably be impossible to rate the Lady, although she must be up there with some of America's great landmarks.

"But how historic could this place possibly be?" you may ask. Think about this: At one time there used to be thousands of amusement park just like Conneaut Lake Park across the country.

Over time, many have closed - right in this part of the country. A few beloved old places that many folks remember growing up with around the region, like West View Park and White Swan Park in Pittsburgh, or Euclid Beach Park in Cleveland, or, some of our most recently departed sister parks like, Cascade Park in New Castle or Idora Park in Youngstown are still fondly remembered.

Now, while it may not surprise us to hear from guests who love Conneaut Lake Park and grew up coming here, it does surprise us to hear year after year from so many guests who love Conneaut Lake Park because it reminds them of their favorite childhood park that's unfortunately, not open anymore.

History is alive here and there's just something special about being able to ride the same rides, dance on the same dance floor, sit on the same boardwalk, and sleep in the same hotel that our parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and great great grandparents did.

If you haven't picked up a copy of our new History Book about Conneaut Lake Park, it is time you do! Owners of the new book just cannot believe how much about Conneaut Lake Park has changed and how much is still the same.

Also, keep in mind that the profits from the book have been donated to the preservation effort of Conneaut Lake Park. What a great cause!

Take a look at a few of the 200+ old time photos found within!

Conneaut Lake Park's original name was Exposition Park.

The original Conneaut Lake Park Carousel.

Hotel Conneaut in 1903.

The Midway in 1900.

Conneaut Lake Park in 1948.

To see the rest of the 200+ photos, buy a copy and support Conneaut Lake Park!

To order your copy, CLICK HERE or stop by the Park during the summer and pick one up!

See you at the lake!

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