Saturday July 24, 2004 Sunday July 25, 2004

3 - Midnight

Dyna Brass
New Tradition
Tower City Drive

Noon - 9pm

Dyna Brass
Stephanie America's Polka Sweetheart
lil' John's ATM Band

Polka Mass

Ticket info:

$13.00  / day at the door
$12.00 / day advance or $22.00 for both days
Children under 16 free

Polish Mass Sunday Morning

Matt Wasielewski will be selling CD's and Tapes

Polish Food and Drink Sold at Reasonable Prices
(no food, drink, snacks in hall)

For advance tickets, call: 

Dave Cole 724-658-4132

Marc Obniski 412-488-3454

Sharron Goldlyn 716-6810278

Discount Ride Tickets will be sold at Dance
Call For Hotel Room Reservations - (814) 382-5115

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