Never before has there been an act with such universal acceptance of any MUSICAL COMEDY act around and yet at the same time so incredibly original. Their show business experience has enabled them to transcend from simply being musical recording stars to the talented well-rounded nite club act they are today, illustrated by the mini-production numbers performed during their show.

Five million selling records such as "THE BRISTOL STOMP", "THE HULLY GULLY", "YOU CAN'T SIT DOWN", "DO THE NEW CONTINENTAL" AND "BRISTOL TWISTING ANNIE", in addition to fifteen albums, motion pictures and television have made this one of the most unique acts in show business today.

From the Las Vegas Strip to Puerto Rico, from almost every major concert hall in the United States and the Orient, and from major hotels and night clubs across the country, this act has proven itself to be one of a kind.

Jerry Gross And Mark Stevens have displayed a oneness on stage of unlimited magnitude. Their ability to acclimate themselves to any situation has made them a legend, from New York's Madison Square Garden's twenty thousand fans, to the main room of the Americana Hotel In Puerto Rico, and the Latin Casino In Cherry Hill, New Jersey, to the Flamingo Hotel In Las Vegas, where their reviews speak for themselves.

Their ability to write songs and produce records and commercials is always being utilized, as they are always in the studio, and staying on top of the record industry. They wrote and recorded "HERE COME THE JUDGE", under the name of the MAGISTRATES, which was a huge and timely success.

What more can be said? The Dovells, Jerry Gross And Mark Stevens is an act that we all hope will be together, doing what they do best, for a long, long time.

Advance tickets are available at $10.
 At the door, tickets will be $12 per person.

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