Money Hunger Gorillaz Show No Class at Conneaut Lake Park 

The Trustees of Conneaut Lake Park have pursued the grievous performance of the opening act of the band SAGE on July 3rd. As a result of this Gun Town Records has issued the following statement:

We hope The Money Hunger Gorillaz would have the fortitude and grace to step up to the plate and apologize to Conneaut Lake Park and its patrons regarding the show on Saturday July 3rd for the indiscretion of their lyrics and material that was not appropriate for a family oriented venue! It was not the intention of Gun Town Records, to let the Gorillaz offensive tongues disrupt the stage when it was promised to our organization, that their content would be chosen to suite the venue. Gun Town Records, would like to thank Conneaut Lake Park and their patrons for the warm welcome they extended to the bands SAGE and Strip Down Acoustic and the enthusiastic vibe during their performances. We hope to return to Conneaut Lake Park real soon, with a more appropriate opening act. Peace, love, and all that jazz.

Gun Town Records.

The Trustees apologize for this incident and will take appropriate actions to guard against this in the future.

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