Opened in 1892 as Exposition Park, located on the west side of Conneaut Lake in western Pennsylvania, a gem survives to this day as a trip back in time. Not a manufactured museum or contrived in any way, Conneaut Lake Park now represents a real alternative to today's frenetic and agitated lifestyle.
The very feel of the park, indeed even its aroma, hint of a long and steady past there for us to enjoy. Conneaut Lake Park is a salve to nerves stressed to the breaking point - truly a place of relaxation and refreshment.

To sit in one of the old wooden rocking chairs on the porch of the Hotel Conneaut and watch a July moon rise over the lake, shimmering in reflection off the soft waters while the red and green of the boat's running lights seem to skate effortlessly over the lakes surface, captures something no technology could hope to approximate.

 Take a walk down the midway, past the games and food concessions and try not to remember what Conneaut Lake Park has meant to you growing up. You can't!

Conneaut Lake Park to so many of us and hopefully many more generations to come, is not just an amusement park, it is memories, and good times, care free moments we all experienced whether you are ninety years old or nine years old.

Who can resist a picnic with family and friends in Blue Streak Grove where the sound of shrieking riders makes you laugh and hurry to finish your meal so you can be where they are, on the ride of your life? Who can pass up playing just one game and trying to win that "Grand" prize stuffed animal? Imagine dancing the night away in the Dreamland Ballroom, or singing karaoke at the Beach Club and watching the sun set from either balcony... No, Conneaut Lake Park is not just an amusement park, it is a way of remembering what so many people tend to forget when they grow older, how to be a child!

So, we offer to you now, to take a ride back in time, to remember and to relive, and to make new memories as patrons and lovers of Conneaut Lake Park. Hold on tight, and enjoy the ride!, the official web site of the Crawford County Convention & Visitors Bureau

The entirety of this information was excerpted from "Conneaut Lake Park: the First 100 Years of Fun" by Lee O. Bush and Richard F. Hershey, Amusement Park Books, Inc 1992